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How to Achieve the Perfect Wet Shave: 5 Steps to Irritation Free Shaving Greatness

In this month’s Dear Barber “5 Minutes On…” we break down the 5 simple steps to the best clean shave of your life. So pop the kettle on and get yourself comfy for a quick 5 minute read that will help make your next shave experience real smooth!

Step 1: Pre-Shave Wash and Cleanse

Stop…Shower Time!

Dear Barber Close Shave Shower

First things first, lets get those pores open.

We highly recommend a hot shower before any close shave. The hot water and steam created helps to open pores and soften hairs, both hugely important factors in the battle against post-shave skin irritation.

What’s more, open pores allow your razor blade to shave close to the root of the hairs and the softer hairs make it easier for your razor to cut through those hairs.

Cleanse & Exfoliate

As well as soaking in warm water its also important to introduce a soap or exfoliator to your pre-shave washing routine. Cleansing and exfoliating the skin and hair on your face will help to remove dirt, debris, sweat and bacteria from your skin, reducing the chances that any of these things can be implanted into your hair roots or any small nicks you create during shaving.

Once you’ve washed up remember to pat dry your face with a towel, rubbing dry too aggressively could upset the skin and its good to keep a small amount of moisture on the face and hair throughout the shave.


Step 2: Pre-Shave Oil

Slicker Than Your Average…

Whilst a pre-shave oil is not essential for all shaves, if you are going for a very close shave or have sensitive skin then we would highly recommend it.

A good quality pre-shave oil provides several benefits for a close shave:

Firstly, it provides a slick surface layer of oil to aid your razor in gliding over the skin, reducing any potential for razor blade cuts or irritation.

Secondly, the razor picks up the oil as it passes over the skin leaving behind a more moisturized, softer skin surface.

Thirdly, the oil, just like the warm water from the shower, helps to prepare the skin and hair for shaving by softening them.       

Dear Barber Shave Oil  

Dear Barber Professional Grade Shave Oil Pre Shave

Here at Dear Barber we pride ourselves on developing barber-approved products and bringing them to the people. Our Shave Oil was one of the first products we developed and has been a firm favourite amongst barbers and at-home shavers alike. Purposefully developed to be non-greasy and utilising the natural benefits of Almond, Grapeseed and Tea Tree Oil extracts, our Shave Oil is ideal for crafting a perfectly smooth shave.

Step 3: The Shave – Products

Choose Your Weapon

Dear Barber Close Wet Shave Razor Blade

So now we have the skin and facial hair perfectly prepped for the shave, it’s now time to get into the thick of the action. But not before we’ve made sure you have the perfect shave products to hand…

Firstly, you need to select your weapon of choice – the razor. Whilst there are many articles out there purporting the benefit of this razor or that, in the end it comes down to personal choice.

The barber’s choice is ordinarily the cut-throat or single blade razor, but this is the choice of a trained professional and may not be suitable for some first-time shavers out there.

Whilst multi-blade safety razors from the various big brands (and those big brands that claim to be small brands 😉) get a bad rap they too can still provide a clean shave and their lubricating pads can help to reduce skin irritation.

Either way its important you have a razor that is a) clean and b) sharp so remember to swap out blades or razor heads regularly and ensure the blade is freshly cleaned before and during use.

Cream Of The Crop

And so just before you put blade to skin the final step is to whip up a rich thick lather of good quality shaving cream and apply to your face and hair with a shave brush.

We highly recommend a shave soap or cream from a tub or tube over the cheaper mainstream aerosol can shave gels and creams as they usually contain better moisturising properties.

The process of lathering your skin will create one final layer of moisturising, soothing product to help protect your skin from drying out quickly during shaving.

Applying with a shave brush provides one final act of exfoliation for the hair and skin to ensure your pores are in prime condition for a shave.

Dear Barber Shave Cream

Dear Barber Luxurious Lather Shave Cream Perfect Wet Shave

Our Dear Baber Shave Cream is the perfect companion to any close wet shaver. Our formulation provides a rich, creamy, luxurious lather to your shaving regime, helping to ease razor glide, keep skin highly moisturised and minimize razor burn. Housed in our signature pot, our cream can be whipped into a lather straight in its pot so no need to transfer to a shaving bowl or other. Simply run your shave brush under a tap and whip that cream up! 

Step 4: The Shave – Technique

Two main points to consider here…

Keep It Tight

Firstly, it’s important to pull the skin taught every time you shave to ensure the root of the hair is closest to the surface and that you are not running a blade over an uneven surface that’s where nasty nicks can appear). With your free hand use two fingers to pull the skin slightly away from the area you intend to shave.

Triple Threat

Dear Barber Close Wet Shave Razor

Secondly, we recommend to shave in three directions. Firstly, shave with the grain of the hair (i.e in the direction the hair is growing). Then re-lather with your shave cream, and shave across the grain, re-lather and shave against the grain.

By doing this you will have ensure that all hairs, no matter which way they actually grow, will have been cut close to the root as possible.

A good quality lather may be able to hold up for 2-3 passes but the more lather you apply the less risk of irritation is our rule of thumb.

Don’t forget to rinse your blade between strokes, ideally with warm water, and not to press too hard. A good quality, clean, sharp blade applied to a well moisturised, soft surface of open pores doesn’t need pressure to achieve good results.


Step 5: Post-Shave

The Finishing Touches

Rinse your face with fresh warm water, pat your face dry with a clean towel, and apply a good quality post-shave balm (we prefer a balm rather than a straight up aftershave as an aftershave’s high alcohol content can quickly dry out skin leading to irritation and flakiness).

Apply the post-shave balm with clean hands, gently massaging into the skin in circular motions.

Dear Barber Post-Shave Balm

Dear Barber Professional Shave Products Range Perfect Close Wet Shave

Our much-loved Dear Barber Post Shave Balm is the perfect finisher for your close shaves. Crafted from a blend of Aloe, Allantoin and Witch Hazel extracts to provide nature’s own soothing qualities and subtly infused with Dear Barber’s signature With Confidence fragrance it’s the perfect way to end your perfect close wet shave and set yourself up for the day/night ahead!

mistakes to Avoid this winter

The Beard

Everyone puts on a few pounds over Christmas, you’re not alone! But if you are trying to hide your extra chin with a new beard then make sure you are keeping it well groomed – although Santa’s beard is iconic, we’re sure that is not the look you want to go for! Use our Dear Barber Beard Oil to smooth your new beard into style and prevent those hairs from becoming brittle.

Dry Skin

Dry skin during the Winter is almost inevitable. The cold weather has set in, perhaps you’re even battling through the snow (on your way to the pub!) which has an effect on your skin. If you are suffering from a cold then we can guarantee your nose is becoming sore and flaky due to the constant battle with the tissues. Don’t make the mistake of leaving your skin dry and dehydrated, use our dear barber smoothing moisturising Post Shave Soother to keep your skin supple and healthy. Alternatively book in for one of our rehydrating and moisture drenching facials to get your skin “season ready”!


Most of us rely on Christmas to extend our collection of Eau De Toilette. But, just because you’re excited about your new scent that doesn’t mean you should use ¼ of the bottle ensuring every inch of your body is covered! No-one will appreciate an overbearing smell of EDT, no matter how good it smells.)

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Say hello to milk_shake AMAZING!  The multi-tasking hair hero that fights humidity and leaves hair amazing day after day!

Organic ingredients including Apple, Lemon and Blueberries combine with state-of-the-art polymers that are activated and give structure with heat to create a waterproof film that
covers the hair completely, sealing the cuticle.

 Listening to hairdressers across the globe, milk_shake AMAZING has not only become their must-have kitbag hero, it’s also many of their client’s new favourite hair product for 2021!  We questioned milk_shake Education Manager, Josie Newman, to find out all we need to know about the AMAZING benefits of using Lifestyling AMAZING – the very latest addition to the milk_shake Lifestyling range!

What is milk_shake AMAZING?

milk_shake Lifestyling AMAZING is used as a pre-styling spray. It’s a lightweight product that uses heat-activated technology to protect hair from heat damage and prevent frizz by coating each strand with special polymers that encase the hair from root to end. The special polymers help in moisture-retention which prevents heat damage and helps to seal in colour as well as giving a mirror-like shine.

So what are all the benefits to the hair?

/ a protective layer forms that stops humidity
from penetrating into the hair fibre
/ protects from the stress of heated tools
/ stops hair colour from fading
/ reduces drying time
/ improves manageability
/ hair is silky for days

How long does AMAZING remain effective in the hair?

AMAZING is a powerful pre-styling tool, the frizz-fighting effects of which can last up to two shampoos. You will notice that this is a very lightweight, fragrance-free formula and it leaves absolutely no residue in the hair which makes it even more appealing.  Even better, it will not conflict with any other products that you choose to use as part of your everyday styling routine.

Who is AMAZING suitable for?

AMAZING is suitable for anyone who uses a hairdryer or hot styling tools on their hair.  It works on all hair textures and lengths but for those of us who battle with frizz hair, we will see the most dramatic benefits.

What are the main causes of frizzy hair?

Frizzy hair occurs due to a lack of moisture in the hair.  This causes the hair to seek moisture from the air around it which is why humidity will often exaggerate the problem.  In addition to the weather and a lack of moisture, other factors such as  damage to the cuticle from over use of hot styling tools; over-washing; and rough towel drying can leave hair more vulnerable to frizz. 

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Skin Testing & Your Safety Policy

Here at Jacks & Buckley, we take the safety of our clients seriously, we believe in order for you to have the best possible experience, we have to take precautions and ensure your wellbeing is being looked after. 

Prior to any colours taking place, you must attend the salon for a skin test at least 48 hours before your colour appointment with your stylist. The skin test we offer is a quick and simple practice, which involves a member of the team placing a small amount (around the size of a pea) behind your ear or on an inconspicuous place, the skin test will show whether or not you show signs of an allergic reaction to the color in which we use. 

If you have had a skin test previously either with us or with another salon, we still highly suggest that you come in and have a skin test at least 48 prior to your color apointment.

If you do have any queries or questions surround the skin test procedure, or would like to arrange a suitable time to attend the salon, then please give a member of our team a call, they will be more than happy to help. Call us on 0115 950 1700

At Jacks & Buckley, we are family, we work together to bring a unique and fulfilling experience to all our staff members. 

From the moment you walk into the salon, you will be welcomed into our family with a smile and service you won’t forget. 

We greatly look forward to meeting you.

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