Sustainable Salon

Working Towards Becoming A Sustainable Salon In Nottingham

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Jacks & Buckley hair and beauty salon in Nottingham is working hard towards becoming a sustainable salon. We have a number of initiatives in place to help our hair & beauty salon become more environmentally friendly. 

We have set up a refilling station for OLAPLEX and milk_shake products.  Buy a refillable empty bottle from us and you can then buy your favourite haircare product at a discount, using your new recyclable bottle to refill again and again.  

We separate all human hair for the purposes of composting into organic fertiliser, and we recycle everything except our clinical waste.

The majority of the products we use are cruelty-free. Some products such as OLAPLEX are vegan. 

Our salon is also a haven of greenery, full of specialized hydroponic plants which are peat-free and grow in water without the use of soil. This saves our carbon store and helps to preserve our planet's natural eco-system.