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Brow Lamination & Lash Extensions In Nottingham At Jacks & Buckley

Lash and Brow Services at Jacks and Buckley Hair & Beauty salon in Nottingham

Imagine waking every morning to perfectly groomed eyebrows and lovely long eyelashes!  This can be your reality with our many lash & brow services at Jacks & Buckley Beauty Salon in Nottingham.

We offer everything from the latest brow lamination to Russian lash extensions.  Eyebrow shaping and tinting and lash tinting remain three of our most popular services too.  So if you need a lash & brow fix, check out our service below before booking online or calling our beauty team on 0115 950 1700.

Please note: A quick patch test must be carried out 24-48 hours prior to any lash or brow treatment which uses glue or tinting products.

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Brow Lamination 

Brow Lamination at Jacks & Buckley Salon in Nottingham allows us to create eyebrows that remain perfect and in place for up to six weeks.  We can set your brow hairs exactly where you want them, creating an even spread of hairs to cover patchy areas, or to give you an on-trend fluffy brow look.  

Lash Extensions

For instant glamour, you cannot go far wrong with a set of lash extensions!  Available in a variety of different lengths and thicknesses, we offer individual lash extensions of full-on glamour Russian lash extensions.  Your lash technician will discuss the look you desire with you before applying your lashes, blending them with your own lashes.  Classic Lash Extensions are applied to one lash at a time in a ratio of 1:1, while Russian Lash Extensions are added with several lashes in a 'fan' being added to each lash.  We can even apply strips of false lashes for a weekend party look.

Lash & Brow Tinting 

A well-defined eyebrow and dark eyelashes can really enhance your facial features.   Your skilled beauty therapist will help find the right shade for your colouring before expertly applying your tint to your lashes or brows (or both!)  Whether you want the darkest blue-black lashes or a colour that matches your hair colour is up to you. We also offer brow shaping as well as hair removal for the face and body. Find out more about our hair removal services.

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