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Quality Hair Extensions At Jacks & Buckley Salon In Nottingham

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Clients looking to add length or volume to their hair should consider booking a hair extensions consultation at Jacks & Buckley Hair Salon in Nottingham.

We offer the finest Beauty Works human hair extensions which are available in a variety of lengths, colours, hair types and textures. When it comes to fitting your extensions, you can choose from tape extensions, celebrity weave (weft extensions), or nano tip hair extensions.

Tape hair extensions are gently taped around your natural hair at the roots and will lie flat to your hair.  They need to be applied onto clean straight hair which has not been conditioned.  If you look after your extensions, they could last up to six months.

The celebrity weave makes use of your hair to braid and secure the extensions in place.  This provides a strong hold that usually lasts 6–8 weeks before requiring a maintenance appointment. With care, your hair extensions could last up to 12 months.

Nano tip hair extensions come as pre-bonded wefts of hair.  Your natural hair is threaded through a nano ring at the tip of the weft before being clamped into place.  With care, they will last for up to nine months.

Whether it's added volume, length or a flash of colour you desire, please book a consultation with our highly skilled hair extensions expert on 0115 950 1700.


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Hair Extensions at Jacks & Buckley Hairdressers in Nottingham

Matching Your Extensions

We can create many different looks using the fabulous range of strong and healthy Beauty Works hair extensions. Extensions are available in blonde, black, brunette, red, balayage and a multitude of colours in-between. 

Your accredited hair extensions specialist at Jacks & Buckley will create the look you desire.  Most people ask for their extensions to perfectly match and blend with their natural hair.  Whatever your desire, we will create natural-looking extensions that look beautiful and are virtually undetectable. 


Hair Extensions at Jacks & Buckley Hairdressers in Nottingham

Ethically Sourced Extensions

The majority of Beauty Works hair extensions are from India and Asia.  In Hindu religion, sacrificing hair is seen as a sign of devotion. Pilgrimages are made to temples where women shave/tonsure their heads in a ritual of devotion.

In Asian communities, women willingly donate their hair for fair value. The hair is cut at the ponytail, leaving the donor with a bob-length hairstyle. The ponytail bundles are then sorted into length and size and exported to the Beauty Works factories where the production of hair extensions starts.

Hair Extensions at Jacks & Buckley Hairdressers in Nottingham

Extensions For Volume & Length

Hair extensions are a wonderful way to transform your hair. Most people want hair extensions because they desire instant length or more volume (especially if you have thin, fine or limp hair).  

During your complimentary hair extensions consultation, your Jacks & Buckley extensionist will explain the options available, the process, timings, aftercare and give you a no-obligation quote. Once you decide to go ahead, we will carefully match the extensions to your natural colour and order your new head of hair!

Hair Extensions Consultations At Jacks & Buckley Nottingham

Your first step to having long luscious hair is to book a consultation at Jacks & Buckley Salon in Nottingham by calling 0115 950 1700.