Firmer Skin With Profhilo

Profhilo® injections are a safe and effective treatment for improving skin laxity in the face, neck, decolletage, arms and abdomen for men and women.

These treatments help to restore firmness, tone and elasticity of the facial tissues, inner arms and stomach area, acting as a nourishing and moisturising treatment beneath the skin.   

Profhilo works on the condition of the skin using a concentration of pure hyaluronic acid to restore hydration and skin firmness, promoting the production of the skin's natural collagen and elastin (which reduces as we age).  Unlike anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers, Profhilo® injections do not restrict muscle movement or fill wrinkles by adding volume.

Most clients see a visible improvement after two treatments with the skin looking firmer, more radiant and glowing.  The results usually last between 6-8 months. 


Treatments are carried out by a qualified aesthetician who is experienced in administering Profhilo injections. She will carry out a comprehensive consultation prior to any procedure and will, of course, answer any questions or concerns you may have.