Hair & Beauty Help During Menopause

The Best Menopause Skin & Hair Treatments In Nottingham

At last, after years of people sweeping the topic under the carpet, everyone is now talking about the menopause and what women can do to improve their lives during this difficult time.  Now you can improve hair loss and thinning hair during menopause and get great skin as you age with the best menopausal treatments in Nottingham at Jacks & Buckley.

You may have heard about the 'perimenopause' and the 'menopause'.  Perimenopause is the years leading up to the menopause when levels of the female hormones oestrogen and progesterone being to decline.  You know you are going through the menopause when your periods have stopped. This usually happens around the age of 50 but varies from woman to woman.  

Perhaps the worst part of the menopause is the symptoms many women experience.  Common symptoms include

hot flushes
mood swings
weight gain (particularly around the tummy)
poor sleep quality
sexual issues & lack of libido
hair loss and thinning hair
dull and problematic skin.

The good news is that help is available.  During a detailed and completely free consultation, 0ur Nottingham hair & beauty experts can assess your hair and beauty needs and recommend the most appropriate treatment to help you look and feel more like yourself again. 

Do not suffer alone.  Call our team on 0115 950 1700 and let us know what you need help with.  We can then book you in for a chat with the right specialist.  

menopausal hair loss treatments in Nottingham

Menopausal Hair Loss Solutions - Regrow Your Hair With Minoxidil

Around 50% of women suffer from hair loss or thinning during the menopausal years. This is because a reduction in oestrogen levels causes the hair to grow more slowly so your hair sheds more than it grows.

If caught early enough, there are some effective salon hair loss products that can halt your hair loss and even regrow your hair. Hair regrowth serums containing Minoxidil - available at Jacks & Buckley Hairdressers in Nottingham - can reverse the miniaturisation of hair follicles, increase blood flow around the follicles and stimulate hair follicle movement to encourage your hair to grow.  

You might also want to consider a new hairstyle which can work wonders.  We can disguise thinning hair with the right hairstyle which can also make you look and feel years younger.  Plus, be kind to your hair!  Cut down on the use of heated styling tools and avoid tying your hair into tight ponytails and buns. 

Microneedling For Women's Hair Loss

Microneedling at Jacks & Buckley Salon in Nottingham is also effective in improving the appearance of thinning hair and hair loss in women.  Microneedling regenerates the hair follicles and is particularly good at stimulating hair growth when combined with topical medications such as Minoxidil treatments. 

Research has shown that hair loss clients - including sufferers of alopecia - experience an increase in hair density, thickness, and an improvement in the quality of hair regrowth.

Microneedling works by sending a series of mechanically controlled micro fine pin-prick injuries into the skin.  These fine needles are guided over the scalp, rotating and penetrating into the dermis to stimulate growth factors that promote the healing process.  It is these growth factors that also promote hair growth.  Microneedling may also be effective in stimulating new stem cells to grow - to again encourage hair growth.  

Looking After Your Skin During Menopause

As we've mentioned, hormonal changes can cause havoc to your body during the menopause. The side effects of fluctuating hormone levels may include oily skin, excess facial hair, sagging skin, age spots & pigmentation:

Oily Menopausal Skin Tips

A drop in oestrogen levels can cause an increase in sebum production which often results in clogged pores which equals spots and blemishes.  We recommend monthly dermaplaning treatments to remove dirt and debris from the skin.  

Excess Facial Hair During Menopause

Keep your tweezers handy as those pesky facial hairs can pop up at any time during the menopausal years!  We also recommend our waxing hair removal treatments to give you smooth skin for longer. 

Sagging Skin As You Age

Perhaps the fastest way to stop skin sagging is to try dermal fillers at Jacks & Buckley salon in Nottingham.  Our aesthetics expert can reduce fine lines, plump up and lift sagging skin, contour the cheeks, chin and jawline and get rid of nasolabial folds and marionette lines with fillers which can also be used to enhance the plump the lips.  We also offer less invasive treatment for younger-looking skin.  Book a consultation so we can recommend the right treatments for your needs. 

Age Spots & Skin Pigmentation

Your skin becomes thinner and more prone to sun damage which can lead to age spots and pigmentation.  For brighter skin, consider our Carboxytherapy Treatments in Nottingham.  We will infuse carbon dioxide (CO2) into the skin tp improve the oxygen flow which helps with lymphoid drainage and skin regeneration. This helps to stimulate elastin, tighten tissue, brighten the skin, reduce dark under-eye circles, improve circulation and lymphoid drainage.  

Top Tips For A Healthy Menopause

How can you limit the impact the menopause has on your body?  Please visit your GP for advice, and carry out your own research, but many women benefit from the following:

Exercise: Keep moving and your blood pumping, strengthen your muscles and lift your mood!
Eat Well: Eat a healthy balanced diet with lots of fruit, vegetables and unprocessed foods.
Drink Water:  A well-hydrated body functions more effectively.

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