How To Get Brighter Eyes

Brighter Eyes At Jacks & Buckley Beauty Salon In Nottingham

Your eyes can transform the way you look. Dark under eye circles and eye bags can often lead to looking tired, weary and older than you are. Whereas, bright eyes make you look awake, youthful and ready for the day! At Jacks & Buckley Beauty Salon in Nottinghamshire, we have our top tips and treatments for how to achieve brighter eyes.

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How To Deal With Dark Under Eye Circles

Dark under eye circles are caused by poor circulation as blood accumulates under the eyes and creates a blue-purple hue. The best way to deal with dark circles under your eyes is to moisturise that area. Keep your moisturiser in the fridge as the cold temperature will help boost circulation and reduce swelling. Make sure to massage the moisturiser into the thin skin under your eyes as this will also help improve circulation to reduce the dark circles.

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How To Deal With Under Eye Bags

Under eye bags are caused by fat deposits gathering under the eyelids. The best way to deal with eye bags is to invest in an eye contour mask as this helps to reduce puffiness. If eye contour masks aren't for you, you can use things you already have at home to transform your under eye bags. Just use a cube of ice and rub this under each eye to reduce swelling. You can also place slices of cucumber on your eyes to help reduce under eye bags.

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Best Products For Brighter Eyes

At Jacks & Buckley Beauty Salon in Nottingham, we have the best products to help you look and feel your best. For brighter eyes, try Cebelia Eye Brightening Cream - available from our online shop here. This eye cream is designed to even the skin tone around the eyes and diminish dark eye circles.

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Best Treatments For Brighter Eyes

At our Nottinghamshire beauty salon, we also offer the best beauty treatments tailored to you. The Glow & Go Facial is ideal for giving you that gorgeous glow and bright eyed look. This 30-minute facial gives visible results instantly. The treatments involves an enzymatic resurfacing facial scrub that is infused with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid to give you a radiant glow and luminous complexion. Find out more about our amazing facial treatments.

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