Summer Hair Repair

Get Healthy Hair This Summer 

Hair Care Tips From The Jacks & Buckley Hairdressers In Nottingham

While it can lift the spirits to see the sun peek out every now and then, the sun's rays, pool chlorine, sea salt and humidity can also wreak havoc on your hair.  So let us share some of our top summer hair care tips to help you keep your hair looking its best during the warmer months.  

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Protect Your Hair From Chlorine & Sea Salt

The sun's harmful rays alone will dry out your hair, but add in the combination of sea salt and pool chlorine and you're heading for a seriously bad hair day. Consider investing in a leave-in hair protection produce like Milk_Shake Whipped Cream Foam (or wear a swimming cap!).  Failing that, pre-soak your hair with tap water before taking the plunge, and tie long hair up into a ponytail or bun. Then rinse your hair thoroughly after your swim to get rid of any chemicals or salt water.

Too Much Sun Will Dry Out Your Hair

If you've spent time and money on making sure your new hair colour looks fabulous on holiday, bear in mind that the sun's rays will dry out your hair and make your colour fade.  Dry hair breaks easily so use plenty of conditioner and be gentle with your hair. We recommend the Milk_Shake Colour Care Shampoo & Conditioner.  After your holiday, book into Jacks & Buckley Hairdressers in Nottingham for a nourishing hair treatment.  

Avoid Frizzy Summer Hair 

The heat and humidity can transform your hair from sleek and smooth into a frizzy mess... but it doesn't have to be this way! We offer the 2 in 1 KeraCALM Smoothing Management & Botox Hair Treatment at Jacks & Buckley in Nottingham

This keratin and collagen-enriched hair smoothing treatment is designed to smooth hair that goes frizzy in the heat and humidity. It also creates a soft volumising effect, making it fabulous for fine and limp hair too. KeraCALM will leave your hair smooth and glossy for up to three months.  It is suitable for thick, coarse, treated, curly and fine hair types. 

Take A Break From The Hair Straighteners

If you've been sitting in the sun, it makes sense to give your hair a break from more heat.  Consider letting your hair dry naturally instead of blasting it with a hairdryer, tongs or straighteners.  Gently towel dry your hair.  If you must use a hairdryer, put it on a cooler setting.  Your hair will thank you for it!