The Benefits of Hair Smoothing Treatments

Ready for Silky Smooth Tresses? 

Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatments Jacks and Buckley Salon Nottingham

In-salon hair smoothing treatments are ideal for anyone dealing with brittle, damaged, or frizzy hair that needs some extra TLC. These keratin-enriched hair treatments give hair a smoother, softer appearance, all the while improving manageability and texture. If you're ready for long-lasting glossy hair, it's time to consider our expert hair smoothing treatments at Jacks and Buckley Nottingham. 

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Why Choose a Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment?

At Jacks and Buckley, we have several revitalising hair smoothing treatments suited for all hair types and concerns. These treatments optimise hair health and are formaldehyde-free for added safety and peace of mind. 

KeraCalm Hair Smoothing

Our KeraCALM hair smoothing treatment is infused with collagen and keratin, perfect for reducing unwanted frizz and achieving healthier, smoother locks. 

KeraCalm Hair Management and Botox Treatment

This hair treatment is great for anyone looking to rebuild hair strength. Keratin is a naturally occurring protein - known as a vital building block for skin and hair. This treatment strengthens the hair shaft, restoring damage and amplifying softness and shine. 

Botox Treatment

Our botox treatment contains a range of nourishing ingredients, including vitamin B5 and collagen. These ingredients work to restore hair fibres and intensify smoothness. Sit back and relax while you enjoy this ultra-relaxing conditioning treatment. 

Results of hair smoothing treatments can last up to 6 months depending on your unique hair type and homecare routine. We'll advise you on top tips - including what haircare products to use - to ensure longevity. 

Hair Smoothing Benefits 

Our hair smoothing treatments deliver transformative results, including:

 Glossier, softer, shinier hair 
Improved manageability 
Reduced appearance of damage and split ends 
Reduced frizz
Improved hair texture 
 Long-lasting results 

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