PDO Thread Lifts

PDO Thread Lifting at Jacks & Buckley Beauty Salon in Nottingham

Aesthetics specialist Malika offers the latest advanced anti-ageing treatments every Tuesday at Jacks & Buckley Salon in Nottingham. Please book your complimentary consultation or appointment via our online booking system.

Turn Back The Years With A PDO Thread Lift In Nottingham

PDO Thread Lifts in Nottingham

This anti-ageing treatment can dramatically improve the appearance of wrinkles, saggy skin, and deep folds as it lifts and tightens the skin.  Eye bags, crow's feet, crepey necks and smoker's lines can all be improved with a contouring PDO Thread Lift.

During your complimentary consultation, Malika will discuss your needs and explain the procedure to you in more detail.  We offer full face and lower face lifting, improvements to the nose and brow areas, or can target specific areas of concern to you.

The PDO stands for PolyDioxanOne which is the medical grade material used in the absorbable threads which lift the face.  The threads have tiny barbs or cogs along them which help attach them to the skin, lifting it and stimulating collagen production and blood circulation. 

The threads are inserted into the skin using a fine needle or cannula. The threads will dissolve over 6-8 months although you will continue to see the benefits of your non-surgical facelift for up to 18 months. 

Which Areas Can Be Improved With A PDO Thread Lift?

PDO Thread Lifts are a virtually pain-free way to lift, contour and firm the face.  Areas that can be treated include:

Loose skin on the face
Sunken cheeks
Lined foreheads and brows
Lines around the eyes
Crepey necks & slack jawlines
Deep creases & folds on the face
Downturned mouth
Smoker’s lines around the mouth

The Benefits Of A PDO Thread Lift

Reduces wrinkles, lines and deep folds
Improves skin elasticity
Contours the face
Lifts the face or specific facial areas
Tightens loose skin
Tailored to your needs
Undetectable threads that dissolve naturally
Instant results that last up to 18 months.