NEW Milk_shake Flower Power Range

Milk_shake Haircare At Jacks & Buckley Hair Salon In Nottingham

Milk shake Flower Power Range

Introducing the NEW Milk_shake Flower Power range available at Jacks & Buckley Hairdressing Salon in Nottinghamshire. This vegan haircare range is designed to protect colour-treated hair with its revolutionary formula containing high performance vegetable ingredients coupled with a fabulous floral fragrance.

The full Milk_shake Flower Power range is available for purchase or as an add-on during hair colouring appointment at our Nottingham hairdressers. Sit back and relax as we work these vegan-friendly hair products into your hair and enjoy the gorgeous floral scents of the Flower Power range.

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Milk_shake Colour Maintainer Shampoo

The Milk_shake Colour Maintainer Shampoo is a floral-scented, cleansing shampoo that works to hydrate and protect colour-treated hair. 

It gently cleanses the hair whilst maintaining and balancing the hair's moisture and protecting the hair colour.

This Milk_shake Flower Power range has a vegan-friendly formula that contains:

  • Soy Proteins,
  • Moringa Oleifera Extract,
  • Hydroglycolic Sunflower Seed Extract,
  • And is rich in Antioxidant Polyphenols.

Milk_shake Colour Maintainer Conditioner

The Milk_shake Colour Maintainer Conditioner is a cream conditioner with a floral fragrance and is designed for colour-treated hair.

This vegan conditioner works to maintain the optimal levels of moisture balance within the hair whilst protecting hair colour radiance.

Colour-treated hair can become dry, brittle and damaged when not looked after properly. With Milk_shake Colour Maintainer Conditioner, ensure that your hair is silky, shiny and healthy whilst protecting the vibrancy of your hair colour.

When using this conditioner at home, comb throughout the hair and leave in for 2-5 minutes before rinsing off.


Milk_shake Leave-In Conditioner

The Milk_shake Leave-In Conditioner is suitable for all hair types!

This leave-in conditioning treatment works to make dry, damaged hair more manageable.

To apply, simply spray evenly over clean, damp hair. If specific areas of the hair are more damaged than others, then apply more product to those areas. Then, style your hair as normal!

This vegan leave-in conditioner provides the hair with moisture for soft, shiny hair that has a sensational floral fragrance.

Transform the way your hair looks and feels with this gorgeous leave-in conditioner for happy, healthy hair.


Milk_shake Incredible Milk Hair Treatment

The Milk_shake Incredible Milk Treatment is an in-salon treatment for all hair types! This vegan leave-in treatment has many benefits, including:

  1. Hair repair for all hair types,
  2. Reduces and controls frizz,
  3. Prevents split ends,
  4. Protects the hair from heat,
  5. Improves hold,
  6. Helps to detangle the hair,
  7. Provides extreme shine,
  8. Gives the hair body and volume,
  9. Improves the the effects of straighteners and/or curling wands,
  10. Protects and maintains hair colour,
  11. Protects against UV rays,
  12. Smoothens the hair cuticle.

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The full Milk_shake Flower Power range is available for add-on during your hair appointment at Jacks & Buckley Hairdressing Salon in Nottinghamshire. Unwind to the luxurious floral scents of these vegan haircare products as we provide a relaxing experience in the backwash section of our salon. To book your appointment, please call us on 0115 950 1700 or book online using the pop-up button.

The Milk_shake Flower Power range is also available for purchase at our online shop or in salon.